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Social-Emotional Learning

We allow our boys to become their best, authentic selves. We know that the most successful individuals know themselves, build healthy relationships, and are resilient. Middle school is a time of great change - we accompany our boys during this period of change and prepare them for what lies ahead. 


Our comprehensive program includes extensive social-emotional programming for all students throughout their three years of middle school. Our program includes:


All students participate in small group, multi-grade advisory.  Advisory meets every morning, builds community across grades, allows eighth graders to serve as leaders and mentors to younger students, and fosters close relationships among advisees and their advisor. During advisory, students discuss a range of topics relevant to middle schoolers including friendships, resolving conflict, social media, digital literacy, adolescence, and current events. 


All students have access to small group counseling or 1:1 counseling sessions with our Director of Student Support or social work interns. We believe all people can benefit from counseling and offer these services during the school day. 


We hold social skills and eighth grade transition workshops for students to target “soft skills” needed to thrive and form meaningful relationships, and to help our eighth graders as they contemplate a transition to high school.  


We see parents as partners in the middle school journey. We offer several free parent workshops on relevant topics and provide advice and support to parents as needed. 

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