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In Their Own Words

While we are proud of the incredible high school, college, and life success our boys experience, we are equally proud of who our boys become. Here are some of their own reflections about the power of their GJA years:

If you want to be a part of a community without having to change who you are or who you want to be, come here.

Driseth '21

The brotherhood in this school, it's not like any other schools. It's a friendly environment, friendly teachers. Throughout life, they’ll be there. It’s true brothers.

Dhondup ‘21

I often attribute my adventurous outlook on life to my time at GJA due to the plethora of opportunities they presented. Between the diversity, passionate teachers, and brotherhood, I couldn’t imagine spending my middle school years any other way.

Brandon '11

In my old school, I was a few grades ahead of my actual grade because in my old school it wasn’t really difficult But, when I came to GJA, they actually put me to the test, they really helped me learn and grow.

Jelani '21

I think the teachers and the community make GJA unique.  The teachers care for you and want you to do the best.  And the community is accepting and you feel like you’re at home here

Tenzin '20

The school’s mission has been instilled within me, within us; turning boys into young men and the idea of brotherhood. We are no longer separate individuals who attend school; we are one family.

Fernando '11

I like the smaller classes, because participation is a key factor. Everybody has a chance to share their ideas in different parts of the class.

Joaquin '21

I don’t see faculty at GJA just as teachers, but as mentors, guides, parents, and as family

David '11

GJA opened up many opportunities that I don’t think I would have gotten elsewhere.

Lazaro '08

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