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Enrichment allows students to pursue interests and learn skills outside of their core classes. It also is another opportunity to build community across classes and with smaller groups of students. Our students choose from a host of semester-long enrichment courses including robotics, philosophy, finance, journalism, yearbook, newspaper, digital design, and coding. Enrichment, which meets once a week, changes each year to offer new classes of interest.

We embrace interests and promote passions.

Our Afterschool Program provides an opportunity for students to complete homework, be physically active, receive academic support, and try new and specialized activities, all within the safe, nurturing community of GJA. Afterschool classes change each year and can include offerings such as Service Club, Martial Arts, piano, robotics, basketball, and STEM learning. 


Throughout our program, we enjoy strong partnerships with many community and cultural organizations including The Boys Club of NYC, Juilliard, WriteOn, Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Scholars, The Whitney Museum, and The Fencers Club. 

We empower boys to become leaders.

Our students learn that leadership is about service, empathy, and strength of character. They confront deeply-personal issues of societal inequities and are empowered to use their intellectual, social, and spiritual gifts to promote justice. We provide students opportunities for leadership within the GJA community, and we work to help all GJA boys to develop leadership skills that they go on to utilize throughout their lives. 

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