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Boys and Brotherhood

Our namesake, George Jackson, spoke frequently about the power of attending a boys’ school. He remembered the times he spent with his “brothers” in an environment that was tailored to how boys learn. Evidence shows that boys schools allow young men to excel academically while exploring their depths as individuals.  At GJA, we provide talented young men with a curriculum and a culture tailored to the way middle school boys learn and grow.

We know how boys learn best.

We intentionally design our program to maximize boys’ learning and growth.  Too often, boys - especially middle school-aged boys - are characterized as too rambunctious, too immature, or too physical. We tailor the school day to ensure an engaging and productive program specifically for adolescent boys.

We celebrate boys, and we love to educate them.

Our teachers have chosen to work at GJA for a reason: they deeply enjoy educating young men.  The close community at GJA celebrates the breadth of backgrounds and experiences among our students, and teachers are eager to build relationships with every boy who spends their critical middle school years with us.

We let boys explore a wide range of who and what they can be.

Our extensive focus on social-emotional learning allows our boys to express themselves and explore a myriad of ways to be in the world. 

We foster an enduring brotherhood that lives on.

Our students and alumni refer to their classmates as “brothers” and speak of the importance of GJA’s brotherhood during their time at the school and well beyond. The GJA brotherhood creates unique and valuable connections that endure long after middle school. 

The International Boys School Coalition provides even more information about the value of a boys’ school education.

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