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GJA 20th Anniversary Campaign

Securing our Future

GJA invites you to join us in celebrating 20 years of changing hundreds of young lives by participating in the GJA 20th Anniversary Campaign: Securing Our Future. Help us celebrate the school’s impact and ensure its enduring future for years to come. The campaign aims to raise:

  • Operating Reserves

    • $1 million to establish the school’s first operating reserves, to ensure GJA’s boys can continue to learn through unforeseen challenges. This level of reserve is well above the recommended amount for a non-profit of GJA’s size and will provide year-to-year security for the institution.

  • Program & Restricted Funds

    • Increase GJA’s endowment to sustain the school for years to come. Since our founding in 2003, GJA has educated hundreds of academically-talented boys regardless of their ability to pay. This commitment results in a heavy fundraising lift - about 90% of our operating budget is raised every year. A robust endowment will yield significant annual earnings and will increase the stable income GJA can count on each year.

    • Help our teachers thrive. Over the years, GJA has been challenged to provide robust compensation to its most senior teachers and hasn’t had the funding to invest in broader teacher and staff recruitment, especially candidates who are people of color. A strong endowment will make a significant impact on our commitment to finding and supporting the people who make our boys’ dreams come true.

    • Grow our programming for talented alumni. Our boys’ challenges don’t end when they graduate from GJA—they need ongoing advice and support as they grow into being tomorrow’s leaders. Eager to give back, many alumni look to become mentors and role models for current students. Endowment funds would support expanding our alumni program to provide more internship, mentorship, social and networking opportunities for GJA’s 375+ alumni while driving programs that enable them to engage with current students in profound ways.

Be part of sustaining GJA into the future, so GJA can continue to do what it does best even better!

Other Ways to Give


You can either donate online or call GJA’s Advancement Office at 212-228-6789.



Please make checks payable to George Jackson Academy and mail to: George Jackson Academy, 104 St. Mark’s Place, New York, NY 10009.



Any gift of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds allows you to participate on a tax-advantaged basis. 



You can transfer funds directly to GJA via a wire transfer. 



Life-income opportunities can be explored with us through the use of charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, and other methods of estate planning.


If you wish to make a gift of stock, send in a donation via wire transfer, or explore planned giving, please contact GJA’s Advancement Office at 212-228-6789 or email Advancement Associate, Brandon Smith at


Employers frequently match their employees’ charitable contributions. Increase your impact by including a matching gift to George Jackson Academy.

For further information, please contact:
GJA’s Advancement Office at 212-228-6789 or email Advancement Associate Brandon Smith at

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